Welcome to the dual natures that exist within the SKIP&DIE universe; filled with cosmic psychedelia, metamorphic body shaking, socio-political undertones and an infinite opposition to the status quo. Their debut album “Riots in the Jungle” was recorded on a transdisciplinary trip through South Africa (lead singer Cata.Pirata’s homeland) and then finalized in the electronic valhalla of Amsterdam. The group consists of  Jori Collignon on keys and FX, artist & vocalist Catarina Aimée Dahms aka Cata.Pirata, Gino Bombrini on percussion/guitar, and Daniel Rose on sitar/guitar/sas. Genre-blending dub with digital cumbia, kwaito with ghettotech rap, punk with baile funk and afrofuturistic beats, SKIP&DIE’s liveshow is set to start a riot in any (urban) jungle.


SKIP&DIE has spent the past year and a half touring the world and is currently working on their second album.


The SKIP&DIE album,”Riots in the Jungle” is available on Crammed Discs

"the result sounds like a truly global trip"

"SKIP&DIE are ready for take off"

- Dj Mag, UK -

“SKIP&DIE is a dodecahedron; a metamorphic blur of body shaking, mammoth beats, bassy dance music, providing a backdrop to catchy, sultry riot-starting vocals.”

- Cairo Scene, EG -

“A band Sofia Copola should check out”

- Dazed Digital, UK -

“Riots In The Jungle' is eclectic world music for the internet nerd and flips the bird to all conservative pop squares. Without consideration to resentment or false modesty S&D do not only process their journeys together; they bring pop to the boiling point without further ado. Shindy with brains, in short: I am a fan of S&D”

- Motor.de, DE -

“A debut album that could and should be reviewed by dance, club, world and leftfield music mags”

- Songlines, UK -









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